Prayer : Our Identity in the Spiritual Realm

Matthew  17:16-21 

When I looked deeper into these Verses… there I  SAW   a newer understanding in the sphere of Prayer and Fasting…..  

Humans has Name, Relational name(Father,mother,brother,sister,son,daughter  and so on)

They have a position in society ,in the Working world (Director.CEO,MD, or caretaker,Teacher or President)

whatever Roles and Position they Possesses ITS ONLY FOR THIS CREATED WORLD

We have power to do or to  rule in our places of work and dictate others what to do.

but that Power or influence has no place in the Spiritual Realm

The Bible reference in Matthew 17:16-21   tells clearly that the Disciples were not able to exert influence on the Demonic Spirits even though they were disciples of Jesus Christ.

Jesus’ answer to the Disciples clearly tells us that we need our identity in the Spiritual World in Jesus’ Authority…

Prayer and Fasting dictates the Spiritual Realm the  unseen World

even in Acts of the Apostles chapter19  verses 14-14 tells clearly of the Seven Sons of Sceva, without prayer and fasting they were nobody in the Spiritual World…


What Do you Think?

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My son

My son

God is faithful in all His promises . and they are new every morning . Great is thy faithfulness

His promises are perfect and fulfilling.

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Christian Belief


Today’s Christian Belief of Purity  is on the line. well  the thoughts of Old school of purity involved chastity, Humble, innocence the list goes on…  why I am struck with this thought  is that many Christians today has mixed worldview of Purity. literally it has been compromise to fit our lifestyle and it really hurts to see many people accommodating the  thoughts and ideas of liberal theology  … what saddens more is that those ideas have found supporters within the walls of today;’s Churches….., can God be adjusted according to our lifestyle or  do we have to build our lifestyle around this God who demands completer purity from his followers.. 

Are we  justifying our actions in the light of maturity of the world or justify our actions instead where do we stand in the Word of God

where do you stand?

why we Follow Christ?

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Abide In Me-John 15:4

Around the world People in many places have the message on the True Vine and even me I have heard the Sermon …..  Very powerful in terms of Bearing fruit and abiding in Christ…

Did any one thought this way

who bears the fruit the Branch or the Tree

Well Definitely it’s the Tree not the Branch

Which to me means the Fruits that we bear in the Ministry is not ours but out Lord’s

many a time in the long term endeavor of ministry  we tend to think that its ours but it was never ours  from the beginning …. All belonged to the Lord ….

Apart from the tree the Branch doesn’t Bear Fruit…. the Tree does it thought the Branch

it becomes very easy to  think or work that the branch bears the fruit…

It doesn’t matter how many year we served the Lord or How difficult was to serve the Lord ..

It was Through Him   (Philippians 4:13)


Keep laboring for the Lord for your Reward is with Him when Returns

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 While jotting down some lines …   God has been faithful in my life and i am really rejoicing deep in my heart … all honour and glory to God who has been my Guide and Saviour

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