Fast World in a fast track – Part four (Final)


When we are aware of who we are in the Lord . we begin our journey of obedience as the Apostles did in Acts 5:29  to obey God rather than Men.Disobedience was the reason for sin to enter in to the World.  Prophet Jeremiah  laments for the people of Israel that they have dug their own cistern  and abandoned the living water of God. even in that effort was futile as broken/cracked cistern cannot hold any water for long .  Man in the face of Temptation is at the crossroad to obey God or Not.

5 Trust

Through our Obedience to the word of God, we start to trust God though our Spiritual eyes, as we have seen God’s promise to us.  the moment we trust Him we will stand firm against all odds. James $:4-18  tells us that those who are unable to trust Him develops double mind/ doubting faith .  where as Daniel and his friends we able to trust God in the Midst of the Swallowing Fierce Fire.Jesus continually encourages that in Matthew 17:20   our Trust in God can do Wonders .

6 Amazement

The moment we stand in our Trust in God . He leads our lives made of Dust through Amazement. We endeavor with God on a Journey of Adventure….

William Barclay has wonder fully said it thought the life of Moses.

40 years  Moses thought he was somebody in the palace of Pharaoh.

40 years knowing that He was Nobody in the wilderness.

40 years Experiencing Amazement what God can do for Anybody.

Finally here are some few words in concluding this series of “Fast world in fast track”   I have jotted down some of my thought  through  this  words and I belief that Fact is not Faith. there are NO SHORT CUTS   TOWARDS GOD .Lets renew our faith through a glimpse from the Word of God and my Struggling Faith.

2 Corinthian  4:10  says “At all times we carry in our mortal bodies the death of Jesus, so that his life also may be seen in our bodies”

Thank you Friends for your Continual support towards this Blog. Love to read that  you  are putting in …


About Lemdur

I am a Naga by blood and i am enjoying jotting few lines of my thoughts... also to hear and listen from others their thoughts and views.. One God One Wife One Son praise the Lord .....
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