Abide In Me-John 15:4

Around the world People in many places have the message on the True Vine and even me I have heard the Sermon …..  Very powerful in terms of Bearing fruit and abiding in Christ…

Did any one thought this way

who bears the fruit the Branch or the Tree

Well Definitely it’s the Tree not the Branch

Which to me means the Fruits that we bear in the Ministry is not ours but out Lord’s

many a time in the long term endeavor of ministry  we tend to think that its ours but it was never ours  from the beginning …. All belonged to the Lord ….

Apart from the tree the Branch doesn’t Bear Fruit…. the Tree does it thought the Branch

it becomes very easy to  think or work that the branch bears the fruit…

It doesn’t matter how many year we served the Lord or How difficult was to serve the Lord ..

It was Through Him   (Philippians 4:13)


Keep laboring for the Lord for your Reward is with Him when Returns


About Lemdur

I am a Naga by blood and i am enjoying jotting few lines of my thoughts... also to hear and listen from others their thoughts and views.. One God One Wife One Son praise the Lord .....
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