You are my Witnesses

What do we know of the Word”Witnesses”?
Here are some of my thoughts
IN the Court of Law (Legal) Key Witness Helps in determining the course of Law that it will Take.
IN any dispute or Arguments Where there is Witness there is higher possibility of Winning
Even in Our Christian Faith
Jesus Commanded us to be His Witnesses
Act 1:8 But ye shall receive power, when the Holy Spirit is come upon you: and ye shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.So when We Witness Christ . The Lies of the Enemy is Broken down. as we Stand in the Truth.
The More We witness the More the Enemy Loses Grounds.
The Less witness than Evil prevails Strongly in our Lives,Families and Societies
Witnessing Christ Gives the Christians the Cutting Edge
fail to Witness Christ We become Blunt in our Faith…

Ponder upon it.

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Cauldron of Whispers

Paul’s Letter to Ephesians 6:12 clearly states that our
“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities,
against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”

The Reality Check
Surrounded by Christians Many are dying for lack of Love
One hour in the Church Doesn’t Suffice the need of the Hour.
What do we think does not matter but what we do about it matters more.

when we struggle with pride , we tend to blame others that they don’t care us.
when we struggle with jealousy we tend to see weakness in others if we do not
know our STRUGGLE then we start to lose our identity.

The More we witness Jesus the stronger our Passion ignites
Temptations dries our joy of heart so be always with Jesus,the Living water.

when we fight the RiGHT struggle or fight then we can right say as Paul says in
2 timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith”

Keep the flame alive.

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Between the Hours!

Hello, good to write once again … well lately i have been thinking around the time that we are so conscious about yet  sometimes we fail to understand to manage our seconds and worry about our minutes and hours….  Many try their best not to fall in to big temptations which many are able to do it yet  they are sometimes absent minded of the  small petty things(temptations) which are ignorable and begin to give in in our unconsciousness.

Man by default tends to lean towards Law(legalism)  and its very rare that man lean towards Grace.

Law Gives Man the Quick answer yet gives rise to be bound by the same Law.Grace comes from the heart of man Who is Redeemed and Forgiven.Man Becomes easy prey to Law when He seeks law to lead him. E.g  this  is right  ,that was wrong , how can they say that.Laws gives easy solution yet it binds both parties  the erring one and the desison making party.

Being saved under grace tries to follow the Law like the Foolish Galatians  3:1-6

1  You foolish Galatians! Who put a spell on you? Before your very eyes you had a clear description of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross!
2  Tell me this one thing: did you receive God’s Spirit by doing what the Law requires or by hearing the gospel and believing it?

3  How can you be so foolish! You began by God’s Spirit; do you now want to finish by your own power?

4  Did all your experience mean nothing at all? Surely it meant something!
5  Does God give you the Spirit and work miracles among you because you do what the Law requires or because you hear the gospel and believe it?

6  Consider the experience of Abraham; as the scripture says, “He believed God, and because of his faith God accepted him as righteous.”




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Fast World in a fast track – Part four (Final)


When we are aware of who we are in the Lord . we begin our journey of obedience as the Apostles did in Acts 5:29  to obey God rather than Men.Disobedience was the reason for sin to enter in to the World.  Prophet Jeremiah  laments for the people of Israel that they have dug their own cistern  and abandoned the living water of God. even in that effort was futile as broken/cracked cistern cannot hold any water for long .  Man in the face of Temptation is at the crossroad to obey God or Not.

5 Trust

Through our Obedience to the word of God, we start to trust God though our Spiritual eyes, as we have seen God’s promise to us.  the moment we trust Him we will stand firm against all odds. James $:4-18  tells us that those who are unable to trust Him develops double mind/ doubting faith .  where as Daniel and his friends we able to trust God in the Midst of the Swallowing Fierce Fire.Jesus continually encourages that in Matthew 17:20   our Trust in God can do Wonders .

6 Amazement

The moment we stand in our Trust in God . He leads our lives made of Dust through Amazement. We endeavor with God on a Journey of Adventure….

William Barclay has wonder fully said it thought the life of Moses.

40 years  Moses thought he was somebody in the palace of Pharaoh.

40 years knowing that He was Nobody in the wilderness.

40 years Experiencing Amazement what God can do for Anybody.

Finally here are some few words in concluding this series of “Fast world in fast track”   I have jotted down some of my thought  through  this  words and I belief that Fact is not Faith. there are NO SHORT CUTS   TOWARDS GOD .Lets renew our faith through a glimpse from the Word of God and my Struggling Faith.

2 Corinthian  4:10  says “At all times we carry in our mortal bodies the death of Jesus, so that his life also may be seen in our bodies”

Thank you Friends for your Continual support towards this Blog. Love to read that  you  are putting in …

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Fast World in a Fast Track -Part Three (3)

2. Submission:

When is Man is Broken/Humbled. We recognizes the Higher power that is around us. that Jesus is the reason for our existence ‘coz’ we can hope and rely on Him. we can honestly submit to Almighty God. We commit our Lives to God.Peter committed his life to Jesus.Saul(Paul) committed his life on the way to Damascus. in our brokenness we see our true structure(identity). brokenness is not  depressed mind or sickly body(diseases).

but it is the power of our soul to connect with our Creator(Master Designer) in accepting the reason we were created for.

3. after we submit to God then comes AWARENESS:

In the Light of the True nature of our soul. we become aware of who we are. what is our priority? what is the center of our lives?what impact us most?How do we impact others through us.when we  able to visualize with Jesus as the Centre of our Lives. and this awareness works deeply in our lives for the Truth that has enlightened us towards our Spiritual Freedom from all the entanglements of the Flesh.

more to come  till the enjoy reading and think


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Fast World in a Fast Track -Part Two (2)

In John 8:32 when Jesus Replied to Pilate that “the Truth Shall Set you free” continued from previous Post… When a Person Hears the TRUTH   . it has to break the wrong notions in a persons worldview. the moment the Words of truth enters  a person’s  Mind,Soul and Spirit. It starts a UNIQUE process.. I want to put it out in points one after another..   In Order for Truth to Release Freedom in a person’s life, it has to go through  6(six) phases


Psalm 51:17 the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: A broken and contrite heart, O God, thou will not despise. People who rides horses knows this that unless a Horse is broken, no one can ride on it. So they kept separately in order to break them. It is not feeling sad about things going wrong but it is the realization of our inability to move by ourselves Act 17:28 “for in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain even of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring”. Ezekiel 13: vs 10 because they’ve truly caused my people to stray saying, ‘Peace,’ but there’s no peace.” Vs 11 Tell those who coat it with whitewash that it will fall. It will be washed off by the rain. Great hailstones will fall and a stormy wind will strip it off.  Vs 12 Look! When the wall collapses, won’t it be said of you, ‘Where’s the coat of paint that you spread all over the wall?’ in the Light of the Truth in our Lives it needs to break our false worldview and notions this is the first stage after  we know the truth.

to be continued……

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When we are alienated from God in our relationship and in our Walk with the Lord that we start to be surrounded by the troubles and situations which we created in our strength. Pride thinks of itself only.We see only ourselves and do things in the areas of our interest God does not want to remove our pride but He wants to KILL it.

Peace is the result of our union with God  Unity with God is a bond of union Ephesian 4:3

Personal peace  paves the way for  Communal PeaceLeft hug  Right hug

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Fast World in a Fast Track -Part one (1)

The Concept of Global Village is really pushing human Race to move on a fast track. Even i choose to be slow ,i can,t slow down as i don’t want to be left out.
Being Left Behind has different connotation especially in terms of Faith
In John 8:32 when Jesus Replied to Pilate that “the Truth Shall Set you free”
The Work of the Holy Spirit is never moves at the same Pace for every one
A Person is ready when he is Convicted in his/her spirit. just hearing the truth doesn’t change a person’s life. the truth must indwell into the person soul, spirit, body..

to be continued….

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Why Do we Live?


I came across this wonderful Illustration  and I hope this will inspire you……


“What are you doing?” I asked the lad..

“I go to school,” was the reply..

“Why do you go to school?”

“To study,” he said..

“Why do you study?”

“To get smart.”

“Why do you want to get smart?”

“So I can get a good job.”

“Why do you want to get a good job?”

“So I can make lots of money.”

“Why do you want to make lots of money?”

“So I can buy food.”

“Why do you want to buy food?”

“So I can eat.”

“Why do you want to eat?”

“To live.”

“Why do you live?”

At that point, the little boy thought for a minute, scratched his head, looked me in the face and said, “Sir, why do I live?” He paused a moment in mid-thought, then gave his own sad answer, “To die!” The question is the same for all of us:

Why do we live? What is the basic purpose of your living in this world, as you claim to be a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Is it to accumulate wealth? Fame? Popularity? To fulfill the desires of the flesh and of the mind? And to somehow survive and, in the end, to die and hopefully go to heaven?

No. The purpose of your life as a believer must be to obey Jesus when He said, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel ….” That is what Paul did when he laid down his arms and said, “Lord, what do You want me to do?” If all of your concern is about your own life, your job, your clothes, your children ’s good clothes, healthy bodies, a good education, a good job and marriage, then your concerns are no different from a Non Christian


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The Narrow Gate

The Narrow gate that we are called to go has lots of implications for our life… we have to humble our lives to go through it . when we are obese with other ideas and cares of the world then we have oversize bodies (physical and Spiritual ) that won’t allow us to go through the Narrow gate…

So Guys Exercise our Spiritual bodies and Phyical Bodies also…

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